Announcing Decomposing Worm

Announcing Decomposing Worm

Announcing Decomposing Worm
Decomposing Worm

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In this, we describe what the Decomposing Worm, a new Doof Media Worm analysis series, will be.

Matias and Clarence will take a higher level approach to analysis of Wildbow’s original wonderful web serial with a twist on the We’ve got Worm formula. After dividing Worm into six 300,000 word chunks, each week four-time Worm veteran Matias and literary extraordinaire Clarence cover one of Worm’s ‘books’, alternating between Overview and Perspectives episodes. Because a single hundred hour Worm analysis podcast wasn’t enough.

Next week we’ll be covering Arcs One through Eight.

Post your questions for Clarence, or your themes and theories for the next book here.