Malfeasance 11.8

Malfeasance 11.8

Malfeasance 11.8
Deep In Pact (Original)

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Deep in Pact is besieged by Malfeasance 11.8! After leaving Andy and Eva to clean up their Thorburn mess downstairs, Blake goes to visit his friends upstairs and fights with their summons, them a little bit, and then eventually has to leave to go fight some Behaims or Duchamps. Eventually deciding fighting isn’t working out, Blake convenes a meeting of the junior counsel, who will surely be interested in helping him out.

Also, Deep in Pact is participating in this quarter’s We’ve Got Ward Fanart Contest! The theme is Reflections, and we’re super excited to see what people do with this in both the world of Parahumans and Pact. Click here for more info.

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