Pale Reflections sees the award winning* podcasting duo of Elliot and Reuben return to the world if the Pactverse as they follow along with Wildbow’s newest web serial Pale as it is released. Each week, they do a deep dive into the 2-3 latest chapter releases, analyzing and recapping Wildbow’s supernatural murder mystery. Follow along with us as we all experience this story for the first time!

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Pale Reflections
Pale Reflections
Left in the Dust (6)
  • Left in the Dust (6)

    Left in the Dust (6)

    Jan 23, 2022 • 01:25:25

    Pale Reflections contests 16.10 and 16.y! Verona completes her Demesne ritual… for now at least. She successfully answers questions from the judges, accepts gifts from the Kennet Others, and manages to convince Anthem not to fight her. But as one Verona rises, a Milly must fall, so we then spend…

  • Left in the Dust (5)

    Left in the Dust (5)

    Jan 16, 2022 • 01:33:46

    Pale Reflections contests 16.8 and 16.9! We check in with Avery as she refuses to deal with Florin, and ultimately leaves him high and not-so-dry, before hopping back to Verona who kick starts her Demesne claim. She works her way through the Undercity’s movers and shakers, culminating in Mallor- sorry,…

  • Left in the Dust (4)

    Left in the Dust (4)

    Jan 9, 2022 • 01:18:00

    Pale Reflections prepares for a big ritual with 16.6 and 16.7. First, Lucy learns from her experiences, although her teacher is not especially kind to her. Not falling into this pattern, she chooses kindness with Wallace. Then, Verona has a horrifying run-in with a handful of terrible monsters. One is…

  • Left in the Dust (3)

    Left in the Dust (3)

    Jan 2, 2022 • 00:41:21

    Pale Reflections asks out Left in the Dust 16.4’s EM – 100 Years Lost, and 16.5. We get some puzzling excerpts from Hazel’s journey through the Paths, and a hype up for Miss’ future! Then we jump back into the negotiation with the culprits, where things go… pretty well all…

  • Left in the Dust (2)

    Left in the Dust (2)

    Dec 27, 2021 • 00:39:32

    Pale Reflections asks out Left in the Dust 16.3 and 16.4. We cut back to Avery as she hangs out with friends, does a Path, and finally gets a girl. Then it’s into Lucy’s head as she and Verona get their ducks in a row to talk to the culprits.…

  • Left in the Dust (1)

    Left in the Dust (1)

    Dec 23, 2021 • 01:32:29

    Pale Reflections stalks Left in the Dust 16.1 and 16.2. We see how Verona and the rest of Kennet schemed the demise of the Family Man, before we jump forward and see the launch of Toadswallow’s market! Then we join Avery as she spies and then narcs on some of…

  • Reflecting on Playing a Part

    Reflecting on Playing a Part

    Dec 19, 2021 • 02:38:22

    The Kenneteers are all apart, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t play around! To celebrate the 8 years since the birth of the Otherverse, we’ve brought in long time listeners Coro and Bird to help us discuss Arc 15 – Playing a Part! You can read Pale here. Leave…

  • Playing a Part (6)

    Playing a Part (6)

    Dec 12, 2021 • 00:56:10

    Pale Reflections familiarises itself with 15.11 and 15.x. Lucy stands up to school bullies, before getting stuck in a scrap where her practice just won’t cut it. Luckily, Verona shows up, and together they make a mean old man impotent. Then, Gilkey goes around poisoning things, until Avery poisons his…

  • Playing a Part (5)

    Playing a Part (5)

    Dec 5, 2021 • 00:46:49

    Pale Reflections ducks and weaves through Playing a Part 15.9 and 15.10. Lucy struggles to keep things afloat in Kennet all by herself, but does a remarkably strong job. But, problems are seeping in. The Family Man’s plans are continuing, Marlen is at risk of escape, and she just can’t…

  • Playing a Part (4)

    Playing a Part (4)

    Nov 28, 2021 • 01:27:29

    Pale Reflections summons Playing a Part 15.7 and Playing a Part 15.8. Avery and Verona go looking for magical worlds, and boy howdy do they find a whole bunch! Avery tries to figure out if Thea is evil or just shortsighted, and eventually gets herself and Verona trapped. Next, Verona…