Pale Reflections sees the award winning* podcasting duo of Elliot and Reuben return to the world if the Pactverse as they follow along with Wildbow’s newest web serial Pale as it is released. Each week, they do a deep dive into the 2-3 latest chapter releases, analyzing and recapping Wildbow’s supernatural murder mystery. Follow along with us as we all experience this story for the first time!

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Pale Reflections
Pale Reflections
Claw and Order: The Point 1.1
  • Claw and Order: The Point 1.1

    Claw and Order: The Point 1.1

    Apr 1, 2024 • 00:56:43

    Wildbow has entered a new universe with a new story – but little did he know that Elliot and Reuben are still hot on his, and Mia’s heels. Actually, I doubt Mia wears heels – too impractical. Anyway, we’re doing it again. Hope you enjoy! You can read Claw here.…

  • Reflecting on Loose Ends

    Reflecting on Loose Ends

    Nov 2, 2023 • 02:40:38

    Pale is officially over, but that won’t stop us all from talking about it! For the final episode of Pale Reflections, Jenny (she/her) and Malia (she/they) take over and are joined by Kippos (she/her) and viceVersailles (she/her) to reflect on Loose Ends, and Pale as a whole! You can read…

  • Loose Ends (6)

    Loose Ends (6)

    Oct 17, 2023 • 01:22:43

    Pale Reflections finally discusses Loose Ends e.6. Verona travels around the world like a busted Leo Vader, before getting an ill omen. Lucy meets her new dormmates, before the Kenneteers regroup, and investigate a foreboding murder. Remember – we record our episodes live! If you want to catch them, join the…

  • Loose Ends (5)

    Loose Ends (5)

    Oct 10, 2023 • 01:04:04

    Pale Reflections taskmasters Loose Ends e.5. Lucy hangs out with her future step sister Liberty, and shows us how well she’s doing. Then, Avery helps Nora get woke. Remember – we record our episodes live! If you want to catch them, join the discord. Get involved with our livestream by contributing…

  • Loose Ends (4)

    Loose Ends (4)

    Oct 1, 2023 • 01:02:46

    Pale Reflections meets with Loose Ends e.4. Avery begrudgingly helps her parents with Declan, and slowly realises that much like herself – this was exactly what he needed. With Declan now all woke, the Kelly Family dress up to go visit their friend Milton. Remember – we record our episodes…

  • Loose Ends (3)

    Loose Ends (3)

    Oct 1, 2023 • 01:27:13

    Pale Reflections parties with Loose Ends e.3. Verona kicks off her next big ritual, and gets Avery to guess how it’ll work so that it all makes sense. Soon enough, the big day comes, and everyone except the Mayor enjoys a big party to celebrate. Also we meet the new…

  • Loose Ends (2)

    Loose Ends (2)

    Sep 17, 2023 • 01:21:30

    Pale Reflections wars with Loose Ends e.2. Lucy is not having a great time, being so swamped by all these things that she refuses to let anybody else do! Luckily for her, her new familiar Grandfather knows just the solution – stop being such a doofus! Remember – we record…

  • Loose Ends (1)

    Loose Ends (1)

    Sep 14, 2023 • 02:00:40

    Pale Reflections rebuilds Loose Ends e.1. Malia joins Elliot to discuss how Verona and Avery are reconnecting with their families in a post-Charles world, and we also wonder what else is coming as we struggle to say goodbye to this story. Remember – we record our episodes live! If you…

  • Reflecting on Finish Off

    Reflecting on Finish Off

    Sep 13, 2023 • 03:12:02

    Pale’s main story might be finished off, but Pale Reflections still has a bit left in it! Elliot is joined by Tommy (he/him) from Twigging onto Twig, and Tisarwat (they/them) from reddit to discuss the final arc of Pale! We discuss alt-right-abyssal pipelines, dead goblins that liked nails, and whether…

  • Finish Off (17)

    Finish Off (17)

    Sep 1, 2023 • 01:39:52

    Pale Reflections loses itself in Finish Off 24.17. We see the final trial of Charles Abrams, as he attempts to Forswear the Kenneteers, and every else calls him out on it. Remember – we record our episodes live! If you want to catch them, join the discord. Answer the discussion question,…