Overview of Arcs 27-29

Overview of Arcs 27-29

Overview of Arcs 27-29
Decomposing Worm

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In this episode, Matias and Clarence scan through the litany of sci fi scenery surrounding that slightly stupid space snake superman, Scion, slowly be seduced by the simmering safety of sublime sadness.

Rather than covering all five arcs in this final section, AND talking about the end of worm, this episode covers Arcs 27-29, although Clarence HAS FINISHED WORM!!! A big day. As this is an Overview episode, they summarized the actions and reactions of this section. The second overview episode for this section will come out next week, on Friday the 18th, covering Arc 30 Speck, Teneral, and looking at the entirety of Worm as a whole.

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