Pace (10)

Pace (10)

Pace (10)

The group has a very peaceful conversation with an Angel.

Thanks to Wildbow for creating the Otherverse, and to our donors from All Pact Up, for making this show happen.

Your GM is Reuben (@xorglord | he/him). Your players are Elliot (he/him), Kippos (she/her) and Linus (he/him).

Music and sound attributions:

DFA - Onlymeith

Lightsaber On - Joe93Barlow
Spew Splatter - Waxsocks
Concrete Hit 2 - Dslrguide
Shriek Male - Jorickhoofd
Destruction, Wooden, A - InspectorJ
Futuristic Aircraft Hovering Above Ground - DamianMinnie
Gentle Thunk - Lucy4
Wood Splinters - Craigsmith
Rustling Paper - Samarobryn