Pace (14)

Pace (14)

Pace (14)

Roman, Lily and Jackson meet a young god.

Special announcement at the start of this episode! If you want to submit questions, email us at

Thanks to Wildbow for creating the Otherverse, and to our donors from All Pact Up, for making this show happen. Your GM is Reuben (@xorglord | he/him). Your players are Elliot (he/him), Kippos (she/her) and Linus (he/him).

Music and sound attributions:

Admiral Bob - Escape
Alone Together - Jontha Chance
Hyperspace Hypnotism - Bangcorrupt
Yin Yang Sparky Noshui Counting - Zikweb

Cracking / Crunching, A - InspectorJ
Wood Chop 8 - Wavecal22
Window break glass shatter - Kyles
Fire fuse ignite flame mid - EminYILDIRIM
Blood Gush / Spray - CliftonMCarlson