Pace (11)

Pace (11)

Pace (11)

Lily makes a deal, Jackson digs for info, and Roman doesn’t exist.

Thanks to Wildbow for creating the Otherverse, and to our donors from All Pact Up, for making this show happen.

Your GM is Reuben (@xorglord | he/him). Your players are Elliot (he/him), Kippos (she/her) and Linus (he/him).

Music and sound attributions:

DFA - Onlymeith
Day at the Races - Texasradiofish

Ticking Clock, A - InspectorJ
Light Cast Skill Loop - EminYILDIRIM
Bird in Cage, Flapping Wings - ShanayGroen
Squelch 1 - JarredGibb
Cat Sharpening Claws - Nakhas