Pace (8)

Pace (8)

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Pace (8)

The group travel along a Path.

Thanks to Wildbow for creating the Otherverse, and to our donors from All Pact Up, for making this show happen.

Your GM is Reuben (@xorglord | he/him). Your players are Elliot (he/him), Kippos (she/her) and Linus (he/him).

Map for the Relative Ship can be found here (spoilers for up to 14:33 of the episode).

The full details of The Relative Ship path can be found here (spoilers for the episode – check this out after you’ve listened!).


Outer Space Drum Battle – JeffSpeed68


Ticking Clock, A – InspectorJ

Lights Flicker On – Mmaruska

Leaking Gas 1 – Robinhood76

Gas Ignition with a Match – Unfa

Small Explosion – RyanSnook

Explosion – Iwiploppenisse

Snapping-Chain – Cosmic Embers

Metal Crash – Bolkmar

Papatone Pictures Klaxon – Alphatone

Smash on Head with Fire Extinguisher – FreqMan

Sonic Screwdriver Sound Effects – The Doctor Who Music Project

Start Up – Viznoman